Perhaps few people will argue that the Christmas holidays are the most sincere period of the year, the onset of which almost everyone on the planet is waiting. It is during the Christmas period that the world appears in completely new colors, everyone smiles, an inexorable sense of the impending miracle is in the air. Well, is it worth recalling the many gifts that are so nice to receive and give? For this reason, Christmas-themed games are isolated and unique, which, without exception, all gamers love.

All the projects in this catalog are good because it doesn’t matter whether you are going to play on Christmas Eve or whether it’s high summer on the street now. You will have the opportunity to either correspond to the external holiday, which is now experiencing its peak or to plunge into the magical atmosphere of the New Year period.

Among the numerous projects of the category, you can find a huge number of games of various genres. Here you can try both casual projects and polysyllabic games with a unique storyline and additional bonuses. Choose what you like best and set new records. Who knows, maybe in some of your most favorite projects you can set a new world record and become the new legend of your favorite project by millions. Why not? After all, Christmas is a magical period during which any wishes can be fulfilled, even if they seem completely ridiculous to you.

Do you want to try yourself in the role of Santa and make gifts for children overnight? Or maybe you are interested in tasks where you have to create these gifts? And what do you say to play for the elves and take on the production of gift products? Anything at your service. Choose the most pleasant and interesting project and become a champion in your new hobby!