Chess is rightfully considered the game of kings and sovereigns. From time immemorial, chess was considered the most important, important, and popular game on the planet. At the same time, chess has always been timeless, continents, cultural differences, and religion. This is a game that has gone through the centuries to the present day and has never found a worthy competitor.

When the gaming industry began to develop by leaps and bounds, the whole world carefully watched the first confrontations of computer opponents against modern grandmasters. It was a very exciting confrontation that everyone was discussing. And the first man’s victory over the “supercomputer” was highlighted in all world media.

Today, even the simplest browser-based chess will allow you to plunge into the champion atmosphere, which will give you a cascade of emotions and impressions. However, if you do not consider yourself a strong player, then you can always pick up a project that will offer you several levels of difficulty for a computer opponent. Among this list, you can choose the initial level of difficulty and play with certain tips.

Chess is considered a game that develops a tactical and strategic mindset. If you just want to escape from the daily routine, think about something or relax - we strongly recommend to plunge into a fascinating game with a computer or a real user. In the category, you will find games that will offer the party with other users around the world.

However, among classic projects for serious gamers, you will find completely unexpected chess, which only partially resembles the game we all know. Enjoy the unique gameplay that will delight you with completely unexpected turns of events. Have you ever thought that “picking a rook” is not only a series of successful moves that deprive the opponent of an important piece? Could it be that your horse took out a firearm and shot a rook? Yes, and this is found on the Internet. And it is worth noting - it is in very steady demand among users.