What could be nicer than cats? According to the generally recognized laws of the Internet, there are two undeniable rules - everything that has appeared on the Internet will always remain on the Internet and any information, photo or post into which you add a cat will become much more popular than without it. It is this logic that guides a huge number of studios that release popular browser versions of modern games. Well, of course, games with cats as main characters occupy fairly high positions in the world charts.

At your disposal a whole list of different projects that represent different genres. Here you can find both full-length quests, where you have to perform complex tasks, and rogues, in the main role of which will be representatives of the cat family.

In fact, in the Cat Games category, you can find almost any project that will delight you with its’ uniqueness for many years of active play. Among the many games of the same type, you can meet completely unique projects in which the cat will act as a sniper-hunter, or an operator of construction equipment, through which you will have to build entire buildings. In other words, the genre is incredibly wide and contains a huge number of different games.

Thanks to the correctly chosen main character of the game, Cat Games quite often receive prizes and awards as the best projects of the year. This is not surprising, because such an aspect as perception in the eyes of the user plays one of the key roles in the formation of the list of nominees. And precisely for this reason, cute cats once again prove that their presence makes the game more popular and sweeter. Do you like cats? Then what are you waiting for? Dare to new victories, records, and achievements! Set new levels and show other players who the most skilled gamer is here.