Even though most of the users say that casual games are not very popular and rather annoying, the growing dynamics of such projects popularity proves the opposite.

The category of casual games includes all projects that do not abound in a complex plot component and do not require any special skills from the user. For the vast majority of players who just want to get away from the daily rush and play a game, this is the perfect set of features. For this reason, modern Casual Games have become so in demand among a wide user audience.

Our catalog contains the best projects of the genre, which collected the maximum number of positive reviews from both ordinary users and specialized media. We bring to your attention the widest selection of the newest games, as well as real classics that have not lost their relevance for many years on the market.

From the moment studios began to create games in a browser format, the Casual Games genre has received a new round of development. If we are talking about people who just want to get distracted and play something entertaining, then, as a rule, they don’t have time to search and install games of this format. And here browser games show all their competitive power.

Want to put simple shapes into single blocks? Or maybe you prefer logic games that train memory and develop a decision-making speed in a player? Well, how do you feel about games where you have to perform simple and uncomplicated sequential actions that will open access to new locations? In this section, you gonna find the perfect project that will become your new hobby for a long time.