In the modern gaming industry, there are so many projects about different balls that I had to combine them into one catalog. Among such projects, you will find both real classics, which do not lose their relevance over the years, and new-fangled projects, pleasing with an abundance of unique solutions.

Bubble Games is not just a list of projects in which you need to interact directly with balls. This is a real cascade of emotions and impressions. The vast majority of games in this genre allow you to combine components with their own kind to destroy entire layers of figures. However, among others, there are those projects that differ from the rest in their non-trivial solutions. And even though players are more likely to prefer the classics, such projects still find their audience and are in fairly steady demand.

Bubble Games gained popularity primarily for the simplicity and understandable mechanics of the game. The first such projects began to appear in the middle of the zero on the first smartphones. The user was asked to draw a stylus with the ball’s flight path, which allowed him to connect with other components of the same color. If all the calculations turned out to be correct and the ball fell into the placer of other components, then the entire layer of such elements disappeared.

Over the years, the mechanics of the game have not changed much. New projects appeared that offered more elegant graphics, the presence of bonus components, and other interesting innovations. Well, somewhat later games about balls began to appear in browser versions, which in a certain way added popularity to the genre as a whole. If you have been looking for a game for a long time that will allow you to escape from the everyday hustle and plunge into a new atmosphere of fascinating logical entertainment, then we strongly recommend trying some of the popular projects of this category for yourself!