Modern browser games have become popular due to several factors. One of the main, among them, is a competitive element. And what can a more competitive element conceal than games about the physical confrontations of two users?

Both boxing games and related projects are a striking and popular example of the rivalry of athletes in the ring. Such games received great support from users, which is not surprising as the popularity of boxing itself in the world is really impressive.

Our catalog contains a huge number of boxing-related projects, among which you will find even a real classic in the traditional sense of the word. So completely crazy projects that border on normality. Well, for instance, there is even a real the championship (!) of the chicken coop boxing, where the main opponents are not only birds but also other inhabitants of the household. And if you have never played anything like this before, now is high time to plunge into the new atmosphere of a competitive element and look at boxing from a completely new angle.

Moreover, you will get the opportunity to compete not only with computer bots, whose actions are very easy to predict but with real users. Choose the perfect project that suits you in style and control mechanics. Find your winning strategy and conduct a series of battles dictating your own conditions to opponents. Grow a young star, which will become a real icon of the sport or just spend quick sparring with random opponents.

Boxing Games is not only a story about championships and fair competitions. There may be games about street brawls in which you have to prove to everyone that you are better and stronger than anyone in the area. Battle crowds of enemies and turn out to be the real king of the street. Make yourself talk respectfully and inspire fear in the hearts of people who will just mention your character’s name.