For the first time, the world saw a Bomberman game back in 1993. Immediately after the presentation, the project received a huge amount of positive feedback from both specialized publications and ordinary users. The completely uncomplicated design and simple gameplay did not leave indifferent a large number of gamers around the world. Then these two factors were more than enough, and after the game became a recognized classic, the requirements for Bomberman did not intensify.

Over the years, a huge number of browser games based on the original Bomberman began to appear on the network and similar projects began to merge into a whole genre, simply and tastefully called - Bomberman Games.

Our catalog presents a whole scattering of modern projects that combine unique games where you have to walk along the corridors and blow everything up. The rules of the game have not changed for more than 20 years. You should remember that you cannot blast yourself and you need to avoid opponents in time.

Among other things, collect numerous bonuses, skillfully deal with enemies and clean the levels as quickly as possible from various edible components. The rules may vary from game to game, but the general concept has remained unchanged since the early 90s of the last century. If this is not an indicator of the ideal implementation of the gameplay, then what then?

Among the classic games, there are more modern projects that only carry the idea of ​​a popular game. But at the same time, they allow gamers to enjoy new types of game mechanics. Someone may like these innovations, but someone will not understand the essence of their appearance, preferring the classics. In any case, try different games of the genre and most importantly, emerge victorious from any situation!