It is difficult to imagine a situation in which, in the presence of some incredibly popular hobby, there will not be a single gaming studio that has not released a game of the corresponding subject. we are talking about BMX Games, which flooded the vastness of the gaming industry in the middle of the tenth years. The market saw a huge number of similar projects, in each of which your character has to go through difficult tracks and show the best result in its’ class. Of course, these games are far from other ones. There are a huge number of games where extreme driving style is only a secondary factor. However, all games have one thing in common. And as a result of such similarity, all related projects were combined into a single class, which is in steady demand to this day.

In general, the popularity of BMX Games is growing with the popularization of two-wheeled vehicles and 2020 was a kind of turning point, during which a huge number of users joined the projects of this genre. Do you want to try yourself as a crazy rider who does not care? What are you waiting for? Choose a game to your taste and start breaking new records!

With a high degree of probability at your disposal will be a sports and professional bike that can carry out dizzying slopes along the most difficult tracks. Your task will be to ensure for yourself and your cycling equipment a swift, but as unobstructed descent as possible, which will not threaten the safety of the main character.

Enjoy the steep slopes, high dynamics, and excellent views around. Experience the full aura of incredible downhill racing on next-generation specialized bikes. Perhaps in the near future, you will try to carry out a similar descent from a real bike. Well, for now - at your disposal is one of a huge number of projects that will delight you with long hours of exciting gaming!