These are logic games in which you need to add or build various figures have always been distinguished by increased and steady attention from a huge number of users around the world. At one time, the popularity of this direction began to gain such high demand that the whole abundance of the same type of games formed around itself a new genre - Block Games.

This category includes all logical puzzles in which you somehow need to interact with figures of various types. You need to either move the blocks in different directions or rearrange them according to some specific order. One way or another, developers always find new opportunities for interacting with simple and not-so-good figures in order to entice gamers into the fascinating process of passing the game.

Most often, the games of the Block Games genre are a complex quest, in which you need to find a solution to pass the level. Most likely you will need to deliver your block to the specified area and most likely the location will not contribute very well to the unimpeded movement of the figure. This is the whole charm of the games of the genre, which are in high demand all over the world.

And if this turns out to be not enough for you, then there are numerous projects in which you will have to not only move the blocks in the indicated direction but also make sure that these blocks do not collapse along the road. In other games, the system will prompt you to first create a block of a certain shape, and only then try to move it to the desired area. And if you initially created a figure of irregular shape, then it will be solely your fault. We'll have to start all over again, but this is the uniqueness of the games of the genre, which have collected a huge number of positive reviews on the Internet.