The Bejeweled series of games dates back to 2001 when the developer created a browser project and introduced it to the world. Unlike the vast majority of modern projects, it was Bejeweled that became the brainchild of the original browser project. Usually, everything happens differently - at first, the game is created in full-format mode (for PC), and then it is ported to browser versions. In this case, a pleasant exception occurred, which was only a confirmation of the established rule.

As a result of incredible popularity, the project gained a huge number of fans, which prompted the studio to create several subsequent projects that were based on similar game mechanics. And contrary to the opinion of many skeptics, this strategy worked, and the series of games has become truly cult.

The essence of the game is incredibly simple - you have to add certain combinations of precious stones to create an entire series of complex figures. Each new part of Bejeweled was notable for minor changes, but in general, users received the same old and good original, which a huge number of players all over the world fell in love with.

The project, like all subsequent parts, became so popular that a huge number of peculiar clones appeared in the world, which tried in one way or another to repeat the success of the original Bejeweled. By the middle of the “tenths”, a huge number of similar games had formed on the market, which gathered an incredibly loyal audience of gamers around them.

Choose the most adaptive, beautiful, and interesting project for yourself, in which you can spend a huge number of hours. Enjoy logic puzzles and non-trivial gameplay that will not leave you indifferent.

The projects of the Bejeweled Games series are still keeping up with the trends and are gathering a new generation of players who prefer simple logic games that allow them to briefly distract from the daily routine and plunge into an interesting and fun game.