The cycle of Battle Royale Games games is considered relatively young, against the backdrop of good old-style arcade games of various genres. He almost instantly received his share of popularity and began to spread at an unprecedented pace. In the world, there are a huge number of currently popular projects that have come a long and very thorny path to fame, but this is definitely not about our today's hero. The players immediately liked the gameplay of the total survivor, which forces you to look around and kill opponents in huge quantities.

And if until recently, all related projects in this category represented a similar design, almost identical control and other joys of the same type of elements, the last couple of years have given gamers a truly great selection. This is not only about the graphic component, but also about the mechanics of control. Now it’s completely optional to focus on the games of the cycle, which will be controlled by the type of the most popular CS. Battle Royale games can also be played as a strategy, controlling the character exclusively with the mouse and a pair of auxiliary buttons on the keyboard block. In other words, you will be pleasantly surprised by the abundant selection of modern games of this genre.

The difference between the games in this segment is that you control one character whose goal is to survive at all costs and remain the last user on the map. Some players immediately rush into battle, trying to destroy opponents. Others, on the contrary, take a wait-and-see attitude and patiently look for a potential victim. If those who were just lucky to take a very high place in the game session simply because they did not meet anyone most of the game. Choose the strategy that is most convenient for you and win. The feeling when you remain the last survivor on the map is simply indescribable and addictive.

This kind of game always has a wide variety of weapons used and most often these weapons are huge on the map in scattered form. Just find, just pick up, just destroy everything that moves. The vast majority of modern projects oblige not only to find a good and convenient type of weapon but also make you keep track of the amount of ammunition. So if you find something that is convenient for you to shoot from, then take care of the necessary amount of ammunition, otherwise, you will not find a very pleasant surprise in the middle of the game.