Since the advent of the first Barbie dolls, the toy industry has changed forever. Now, millions of girls around the world had only one desire - to get their beloved Barbie, who would become a real queen among home entertainment and other dolls.

Over the years, the manufacturer began to expand its product line and Barbie from one doll turned into a series of toys in which new characters, various objects, and even modern houses in which the dolls appeared. Now the toy has become not just some regular entertainment for the child, but a real-world in which other toys could live.

Sure thing, all this influenced the gaming industry, in which popular projects with Barbie began to appear. Users got the opportunity to manage all aspects of the life of a mega-popular doll. And for many girls around the world, game projects revived their favorite character, which became a new milestone in the history of Barbie's popularity.

Our catalog contains a wide selection of popular games about Barbie, in which you are invited to actively participate in the life of the heroine. Here you will have to just choose different outfits, and equip the home of your doll. A series of games will offer experiments that the young owners of Barbie could not dare without consequences. Now they will have the opportunity to experience various types of makeup and the selection of clothes for any color and taste.

Among other things, your Barbie can become a cook, yoga instructor, film actress, pop star, model, or whatever you want. If this is not an ideal way to interact with your favorite toy, then what then? Choose the game that is most adaptable for you and experience Barbie in new adventures in which she has never been before.