In recent years, the gaming industry is going through a certain period of rebirth and a new fashion trend. If in the previous twenty years the games became more complicated, more elaborate and more beautiful, then in the current decade, many developers began to produce very simple and not explicitly artsy projects that entice not with a complex storyline or the presence of fantastic graphics, but with their ingenious simplicity.

Among such projects, many games have appeared on the Internet that allow the user to interact with the ball. You can both control the ball and not allow various foreign objects to break it. You can either run away from obstacles or catch various solid objects. In other words, a series of games with balls are gaining incredible popularity and are in very steady demand.

Our catalog contains the most popular and most original projects of the series. If you want to escape from the daily rush and quickly play a game of ball games, the real leaders of the segment are presented to you both in terms of the number of players for all time and the dynamics of current popularity growth. Choose your personal favorite and enjoy the unique and incredibly simple gameplay, which for a long time will fit into your memory with exceptionally positive memories.

Sure thing, among the many projects you will find the most unique, whether it be a shooting or a floating ball that feeds on some fantastic substance, otherwise it will begin to grow to planetary sizes and destroy everything around it from an explosion. And if you want to enjoy something much easier, then choose a game in which the system will offer to roll the ball as far as possible on a level generously strewn with various obstacles and barriers. It is such games that are the main force that shows the popularity of the genre. Try it and you will plunge into the simple atmosphere of games that train attention, decision-making speed, and logic.