A series of games about baby Hazel has become one of the most popular among browser and mobile projects in the world. And if we take into account modern games for children, then it occupies one of the leading positions among all projects of the current age category.

The original game about baby Hazel was developed as an educational project that would open up several special situations for a child and allow him to solve problems of a certain factor on his own, without the participation of adults. Such games not only lure the kid into exciting gameplay but also provide an opportunity to learn something new, which is the main mission of all modern games for children.

In the games of the series, you can take part in a huge number of different interactive tasks. Numerous projects will offer you how to feed a child, or put him to bed, and spend time with him, in every possible way teaching new things. In fact, the project is recommended not only to children but also to future parents who have never before encountered the specific features of the educational process. But it will be better if adults play with children.

Among other things, here you will find an impressive number of games that allow you to survive with Hazel a huge number of important moments in life, whether it is the celebration of the New Year or other holidays. Cook holiday cakes with the main character, choose outfits, get ready for parties, and just have fun.

The games of this series are incredibly popular and have collected a huge number of positive reviews on the Internet. Join you in the exciting adventures of baby Hazel, which will remain in your memory for a long time exclusively as a bright and exciting game!