If not for arcade games, the gaming industry in its modern form would simply not exist. In any case, this is a very common opinion, which constantly sounds from the lips of respected analysts. It is worth remembering that these people created the game world as we know it now. So it’s probably worth listening to the opinion of experts!

The first arcade projects appeared back in the distant 70s when the very concept of computer games only found its wording. Then the ability to shoot down objects flying on the screen with dots was considered nothing more than ordinary indulgence and demonstrations of the capabilities of a personal computer. But a little later, all the developers of computer components and operating systems realized how enormous influence games have on the development of computer technologies of the future, and the active stage in the development of the gaming component began with this.

However, be that as it may — arcade games really became the impetus that entailed the creation of something large-scale, huge, and immense. The impact of the genre on the gaming world is simply impossible to overestimate.

With the development of technology, the gameplay of the genre has also changed. Now we need to not just mindlessly run around the map and quickly perform some actions. Now we control characters who interact with opponents who have reasonably well-developed artificial intelligence. And all this means that games have become not only more complicated but also much more interesting.

Well, all the very popular arcade games, sooner or later get to the browser version. Our catalog contains the best game projects that you can try yourself. Among a wide range of games, you will be presented with real hits that have fallen in love with millions of users around the world. Join you in a friendly family of arcade players.