The influence of animated films from Japan has influenced Western culture so much that not so long ago a real anime era began in the world, which extends its influence to a huge number of different areas. This phenomenon is considered to be widespread today and huge popularity on anime culture is only gaining momentum.

Naturally, this could not but affect the gaming industry and numerous game developers began to produce various projects dedicated to existing or new anime characters. Needless to say, the games of this genre have received tremendous demand among culture lovers? 

Numerous projects began to integrate into almost all conceivable and inconceivable genres, starting from ordinary story-driven walkers in which the main character needed to perform a series of sequential actions, to crazy first-person shooters. In other words, here you can find literally everything that clearly demonstrates the popularity of anime as a cultural phenomenon of the current century.

And speaking of several browser games, we can always notice a common trend - first, the game appears in a full-size project, which is ported to a PC, and then starts moving to mobile and browser platforms. In the case of anime games, we see a unique reverse situation. 

Most of the popular games of the genre came to the PC precisely from the browser versions, which became a completely unique precedent that cannot be found anywhere else.

Do you want to try your hand at racing, where everything will be decorated in the style of your favorite anime? Or maybe you want to participate in street fights or conquer space on a fun spaceship that feeds on the power of anime superheroes? Whatever you choose, a large number of projects are presented to your attention, each of which will pleasantly surprise you with its gameplay and environment.