Everyone loves animals and the games in which these cute creatures are present and even more so. However, in modern realities, not all projects contain kind and cute animals. In some games, these fluffy pests strive to make you lose and are in every way opposed to your victory.

But under the conditions of modern realities, this is more an exception than a rule, and for this reason, you should try the list of the most popular games, in which one way or another there are numerous animals.

Along with the development of the gaming industry, numerous developers were allowed to create truly intelligent animals with developed artificial intelligence. If earlier we could encounter in the game only a limited type of action for all characters, now we can fully interact with smart animals, who themselves decide what is the best way to do this or that situation. This greatly enhances the diversity of modern games.

We have collected the most popular and sought-after projects, each of which will pleasantly please you with its special set of options. Some games will replete with a serious storyline, while others emphasize active gameplay. And in the third, animals will only be extras, although the project will not lose at all.

Even browser-based modern games allow you to fully enjoy truly fascinating projects that collect a huge number of positive reviews around the world. Join you in the projects nominated for a large number of modern prizes.