The world of mobile games forever changed on the day Angry Birds was released. Exactly that event is considered to be the day that divided mobile gaming into “before” and “after”. Seeing the potential of mobile entertainment, a huge number of developers have finally established themselves in the opinion that the development of this market segment requires maximum attention. And the increased mobile Internet traffic only reinforced everyone in this knowledge.

After the dizzying success of the project, numerous studios began to appear on the market, each of which offered its vision to the crazy birds that shot down pigs. 

Instead of birds, developers used other animals or inanimate objects. There were experiments with destroyed buildings, and particularly inventive ones added some kind of magical component to the physics of building destruction. In other words, a huge number of users received ideal games that best suit them personally. And even though not a single project from Angry Birds Games approached the original in popularity, each of the games of the genre has its own faithful and very devoted fans, who are incredibly comfortable playing exactly the part that he chose for himself.

A little later, mobile games began to migrate to browser versions and Angry Birds Games received a new round of popularity. Now a huge number of users have found a way to briefly escape from the gray and everyday life without looking up from the computer. No need to use a smartphone that can work intermittently and not quite correctly. It is enough to open your favorite game in the browser and you are ready to knock down arrogance and arrogant smirks from the faces of pig pests.