Most ironically in the history of the popularity of Among Us, the original game is not at all a new hit, as many believe. The truth is that Among Us came out quite a long time ago and only in 2020 began to gain momentum. However, the transition from an unknown indie project to a world-class hit happened incredibly fast. From a simple game, Among Us quickly enough turned into a real cult that spawned a lot of similar games and a huge number of thematic memes on the Internet.

Naturally, against the background of such popularity, many studios began to realize their vision of how the original idea should look. And it's worth noting that many games of this genre simply use familiar and incredibly popular images of astronauts. However, that is the image that is already making the game become extremely popular, as evidenced by numerous awards and the highest level of demand from gamers of all ages.

However, it should be noted that it was not the cartoon characters, but the very idea and mechanics of the game that became the reason for the main popularity of the project. Among Us is a story about a small group of astronauts on a spaceship, including one traitor who is trying to annoy the team in every possible way and disrupt the mission.

The goal of the prankster is to destroy the team and do everything to complicate the game. But the goal of all the rest of the crew is to find the traitor and stop all those outrages that occur during the mission.

All projects that are somehow based on the original Among Us immediately receive increased demand from users. And if you are also a fan of the series, but eager to try something new, then this section is great for you.