As one of the American philosophers of the last century said: “one of the three eternal questions to which we must find answers - are we alone in the Universe”. Many sincerely believe that humanity is the only rational representative of the infinite Universe, while others even mathematically do not allow at least one-millionth chance that there are no other kinds of intelligent creatures besides us.

However, both of them share a common feature - we all love computer games about aliens, which are always funny and usually leave an unforgettable experience with the game.

Games about aliens became regulars in the gaming industry even when the industry itself did not exist. Remember the first arcade simulations in which you were asked to shoot down alien spaceships in the allotted amount of time? Similar games began to appear in the first wave of the development of game genres. 

Over time, the gaming capabilities of the vast majority of projects increased markedly and the world gained several cool new games about aliens in completely different genres. Now you could both speak out in a war against aliens, and incorporate into their ranks, speaking out against common enemies. Want to race on spaceships or colonize entire star systems? No problem! Choose a project to your liking and become a real space explorer, about which people will make legends.

Even though the gaming industry began to develop at an incredible pace, browser versions of games are somewhat inferior to their full-sized competitors. However, even this restriction will not let you get bored. At your disposal a huge number of first-class games that will captivate you for many years of active gameplay.