In the game world, a special place is occupied by numerous simulators. For the most part, it is because of the simulators that the gaming industry gained incredibly rapid development in the late nineties of the last century. After the first appearances of racing games, developers began to pay attention to other types of vehicles, and projects of those years gained multiple genres, which are still popular today.

But as for the games where you have to fly planes, this is one of the founders of the most popular genres at the moment. It all started a long time ago with a series of arcade games, where a primitive model of aircraft shot down numerous enemies flying past. 

In those games, the user was asked to check the reaction and speed of decision-making. Among other things, the game provided for some predictability, since the algorithms of game engines in those years did not yet provide for the procedural generation of enemies and their unpredictable actions. In other words, you could just memorize all the movements and activities on a certain section of the map and go through them. However, even this type of gameplay had a huge number of fans, and we will by no means blame them for this!

A little later Airplane Games received a new development, which was due to the invention of several new game engines, which made it possible to enjoy three-dimensional panoramas during the flight. This served as a serious development of the genre and the world has acquired several truly iconic projects that are still alive today. 

All of the above trends over the years have reached browser games. Of course, here you will not get the fantastic views that give games of the AAA format, but in browser-based air simulations, there is much more atmosphere and sincerity. If you like flying in the clouds, performing numerous difficult tasks and face to face fierce enemies, then choose the game most suitable for you and start an air domination today!