At the beginning of the zero years of this century, the gaming industry began to undergo several serious changes. Along with the mass popularization of various 3D games, such significant ones as AIM games have closely come into use. To summarize and significantly simplify the terminology, then Aiming Games includes all modern shooters that involve shooting using an interactive sight. In games of this format, it all depends on the reaction of the shooter and the speed of decision-making by the player.

Among such projects, you can find a whole scattering of real cult games, which for many years can rightfully be called real classics. Many of these projects have become the founders of their special genres of games. 

Along with the popularization of browser-based projects, shooting using sights migrated here. Now it’s completely optional to look for the appropriate game, buy it and install it in order to play an exciting fun and entertaining shooter that will allow you to fully try your hand in a competitive format.

Most of the modern shooters in-browser versions are already very close in functionality to mobile applications. Naturally, such projects are still incredibly far from full-format games, and there is little chance that they will ever be able to compete with full-length releases of popular games. However, now you can enjoy an interesting, entertaining, and dynamic shooter that you will remember for a long time.

Train your reaction, find huge crowds of enemies in the sight and destroy the maximum number of targets with the minimum number of shots. Show who the real master of shooting in all its manifestations is, be it a modern rifle with expensive attachments, or a regular sports bow. The skill can be shown in any type of shooting, whatever it may be.