You have probably heard at least once in your life that games are of a certain educational nature. And all active opponents of computer games should show several scientific articles in which the luminaries of modern medicine prove the importance and educational potential in modern gaming projects. And indeed - computer games do not cause aggression in adolescents, in any case, those that are very intellectual and educational.

And if several modern active projects significantly improve the reaction, fine motor skills, and other factors that indicate the speed of action. That computing games significantly develop the skill of logical thinking and overall development. It is not without reason that they say that mathematics is the universal language of the Universe, which is capable of developing the brain like nothing else. 

In the middle of the tenths, many relevant games began to appear in the world, which were not only popular among ordinary users but were also recommended by doctors. Such mathematical projects successfully combined exceptional and interesting gameplay, which was closely intertwined with the need to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

And if in most of the modern game projects the user just had to act intuitively, then the new format of the so-called Addition Games required a clear solution to a particular problem. And this is exactly what has become a new trend in the logical games of our time, which to this day is developing rapidly.

But even though many experts point out the importance of using such games by children, they are incredibly popular among all age groups. Numerous adults decided to try their own logic and did not fall in love with the games of mathematical and educational format for long. Try it and you gonna find your favorite among the most popular games of the genre!