A large number of users prefer a measured type of gameplay, where you need to sit down, slowly thinking, find a solution to some problem, and enjoy the corresponding component of your favorite game. However, there is another category of gamers where the user cannot live without an active phase of the game in which you need to run, jump, shoot, and defeat opponents in huge crowds. And if you consider yourself in this category of gamers, then you will like the selection of games in this category. Get ready to climb the international cyberlimb and become a recognizable player all over the world! 

First of all, it is worth noting that Action, as a genre, originated in the nineties, when the first first-person game shooters began to appear. For many ordinary people, those novelties became a real revelation, because the established format of static computer games began to turn into something completely different. Now it was necessary to rely not on pre-planned and staged algorithms, but on their own reaction, strength, and military potential. Now players had to look in all directions in order not to become a victim from a predator. In other words, action games forever changed an industry that was no longer the same.

At the dawn of the development of browser projects, the action got over here. Now users could, without installing the game, go into a project and fully enjoy the highest quality gameplay, which is replete with dynamics, a wide variety, and other unchanging components of modern games.

In recent years, the variety of games in the genre has seriously increased. Now you can fully enjoy both fantasy projects and military shooters. Want to explore the world or plow through space? No problem. Choose one of the many hits that are in great demand and become better, stronger, faster than all other opponents. Oh, yes, modern action games are increasingly reaching the multiplayer track, which will delight those who especially value multiplayer games of a new format.