When the first 3D games began to appear in the world, most of the players immediately realized where this development of computer technology could reach. Naturally, games that were visualized in three axes gained instant popularity. Everyone wanted to experience the new reality of the gaming industry, which quickly turned from an experimental curiosity into a real routine for the vast majority of projects.

Many users were not stopped by the increased requirements for the computing potential of the PC. Everyone didn't care and people wanted to try new technologies. So the world entered the irreversible path of the phase of active development of the gaming industry, which from the usual development of games turned the market into an arms race of modern PC components. 

More than a decade has passed since the first 3D games appeared, and only recently this visualization format got to browser games, where it quickly and densely settled. People got the opportunity to play in three-dimensional projects that give completely different emotions and make the user more involved in the process.

Today, a huge number of game studios are trying to release several types of games at once, including a full-format version for PC, a mobile application that meets the spirit of the main project, and a browser version ported solely to attract more users to the main project. However, there are highly specialized games that are designed to entertain players in only one browser version and do not carry any financial component.

Choose the project that suits you and enjoy the amazing gameplay of your new favorite. Become an active participant in the gaming community, which appreciates the many advantages of browser-based 3D games.