The entire gaming industry once began with 2D graphics, which pleased all gamers in the world. We all remember the games with the same type of fixed game cards, on which characters moved, and their movements were regulated by only two axes. During the years of the popularity of such projects, no one really thought about the fact that the graphics of games can be much more perfect and the world needs 3D technology. Everything suited everyone and numerous games were steadily getting their army of fans. 

Over time, games created using new technologies began to supplant 2D projects, which looked like an ordinary evolutionary process and did not cause any surprise. However, even after the massive introduction of new games, projects created using 2D technology have not gone away. This has been made possible for several main reasons. First of all, 2D games were extremely demanding, which positively affected their popularity. Not all modern users have powerful PCs that can easily process data and the graphic part of modern projects. Well, do not forget about the large number of users who did not want to say goodbye to the familiar format of “flat” games. Later, from the requirements from such users, whole genres of indie games began to appear, which are based on the reference 2D graphics. 

But in the world of browser-based gaming projects, 2D technology has gained its fame and has found popularity. Developers do not need to pay much attention to details and do not need to invest tremendous resources in creating new games. Now all attention was paid to the storyline of the projects and their gameplay. When the studios begin to pay more attention to the gaming component, rather than the graphic accompaniment, then these are the best sellers. And the new 2D games became the clearest confirmation of this. Some projects created 20 years ago are incredibly popular to this day. Try it and you will find the best game for you, which you will devote a lot of game hours!