2048 games are mathematical cycle projects that became incredibly popular several years ago, suddenly filling the entire space of the gaming industry. In those years, most developers of mobile games began to create their counterparts, which, despite the lack of originality, received their share of popularity. And it is worth noting that often the complete clones of the original game received no less demand than the founder of the genre.

Players are encouraged to find and combine numerical values ​​of the same order into single figures. In other words, you need to find two identical numbers that will be placed next to the playing field and combine them into one number, which will be equal to two added. Then the new number needs to be combined with a similar one and this will become possible only if all the connected numbers are next to each other. 

The original 2048 project received a large number of awards and was nominated for a mobile project of the year. A little later, numerous developers of browser games seized the initiative and began to port the incredibly popular game to the new platform. Thus, the games of the 2048 cycle received even greater coverage and, as expected, felt a new round of demand in the global market.

Nowadays, mathematical projects have evolved and from the simple idea of ​​adding numbers into a common denominator, the idea has evolved into several new projects that only remotely resemble the original. This is a great trend, which insanely pleases both ordinary citizens and profile journalists. Choose and you are your ideal mathematical project, which will fall in love with you in the amazing atmosphere of 2048 for a long time.