As soon as the popularity of Internet technologies swept the world, the game market began to fill with new projects designed for multi-player game modes. The first network games became incredibly popular due to the factor of gaming rooms and computer clubs. It was there that the games for two users gained maximum popularity.

In the era of technological development, the world became acquainted with a new phenomenon - browser and mobile games, which began to fill the Internet en masse. Similar projects were wonderful from several perspectives. First of all, it is worth noting the lack of the need to have a serious and powerful computer. The vast majority of games work well within popular browsers, regardless of the power of the PC. 

Among other things, the opportunity to play two people on the same computer. Such games immediately became popular, since there was no need to ask a friend to download and install the game. And at the same time, there was no need to hope that the computer and the Internet from a friend or acquaintance would stretch this game. It was enough just to invite a person to your computer and enjoy the process.

Users liked this trend so much that numerous developers began to release popular games that provided for multiplayer mode for two players. Along with this, the game processes of popular projects began to evolve and now it all came down to a competent joint game. 

People began to develop new tactics, strategies, and find the most sophisticated ways to go through the most popular projects. Profile forums began to appear on the Internet, which were replete with various strategies and within the framework of which people suggested how to pass this or that game easier and better.

Today's games for two people are well-designed projects that boast well-designed logic, an excellent storyline, and excellent graphics. Although the issue of visualization is very subjective and it is not customary to discuss it.